Good News! We have a new Board of Directors and many new members.

At the regular meeting date of June 23, 2013, a large group, including many new members, met at the Rancho Senior Center (thanks to Larry Agran, who paid for the facility), at 3 pm to recharter the club and elect a new board.

The new board is as follows:

Chair:  PK Wong
Vice Chair: Matt Stone
Secretary:  Dinah Frieden
Treasurer: Carl Mariz
Assistant Treasurer:  Carl Flowers

The Board will need many new committee chairs and members, so please get in touch! All emails sent to our regular email address, [email protected], will be sent to the new Board.

The next meet is scheduled for July 28, 2013, location to be announced.

The Great Park Matters!

This message comes directly from the newsletter, Irvine Matters.
 If you care about preserving public programs and encouraging public enjoyment of the Orange County Great Park, please attend the Great Park meeting on Tuesday, June 25th at 2:00 p.m. at Irvine City Hall.  That’s when the Great Park Corporation Board will consider adoption of the 2013-14 Great Park budget.”

Gun Control

Nationally, gun control is a huge issue, and so con-troversial that we will have to be very loud and clear about the necessity of background checks and get-
ting rid of assault rifles and huge ammunition clips.
The first (background checks) seems to be less controversial, but we are seeing a lot of backlash
on the second two items.

To participate locally, you can join the group meeting
at Becky and Reilly Newman’s home in University
Park, Irvine on Thursdays. Contact them by email at Rebecca Newman <[email protected]>.
The new group, “South County Citizens Against Gun Violence,” also holds candlelight vigils and participate at gun show events. You can check out the website of the organization at http://www.lessgv.com/

The Orange County Great Park

See our message above about the meeting on Tuesday, June 25th at 2 pm.

California Disclose Act

This is actually a national issue as well, since the cause
of the problems is the Supreme Court decision (the infamous Citizens United), that let big and hidden money into our elections. California is trying to solve it locally with the California Disclose Act.

Our club voted in January to support the Disclose Act, (SB 52) and we were a co-sponsor of the Kick-Off event at the Delphi Community Center, 505 East Central Avenue, in Santa Ana on March 23 from 2-4 pm. It was well attended.

And That’s Not All, Folks!

Gail Lewis, who worked hard for a year to get the law passed that prohibits the sale of puppy and kitten mill pets in Irvine, as well as wild animal acts and rodeos which could appear in the Great Park, told me that there might be an attempt to repeal that law by the new City Council majority. Her work spread much beyond Irvine, since the Irvine Company agreed to shut down “mill stores” on their properties throughout Orange County, and even beyond.

What happens in Irvine, in other words, does not stay in Irvine. It will be of top importance for us to regain control of the Irvine City Council once more in 2014. Three council members, including Dr Choi will be up for re-election, or to have their spots filled.

We must be recruiting candidates now, and we must be adding to our relatively small bank account so we can open an Irvine headquarters next to the exotic car rental agency in 2014.

Please join us and join our grassroots efforts!

Welcome to our webpage

Democrats of Greater Irvine is a county chartered Democratic Club that is open to any Democrat living in Orange County. Many people who live outside Irvine study or work here, or come to Irvine for recreation. That is “Greater Irvine.”

Please check this website often for news of our activities. Click on the Membership App above to join.

We meet, most months, on the fourth Sunday of the month. Meeting locations will be announced. Our meetings begin at 4:30 pm, and usually end around 7 pm, after an hour of refreshments and conversation. From 5 to 6, we have a program, with a speaker or film, discussion, and announcements.

A young visitor from Denmark had his photo taken at our campaign HQ with President Obama and super volunteer Dot DeLeon. He sent us a beautiful card with his thanks.

Contact us

For more information, and how to join or volunteer, please email us [email protected] And, thanks to the magic of Magic Jack, we now have our very own permanent phone number. The number is 949 825-9242. If no one answers, please do leave a message so we can call you back.